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    This site is for all Hummingbird and Wild Bird enthusiast, come explore and shop with us. Come back often, as we are growing to become the one stop shopping place for all of your birding supplies.

    Disk  Feeder

    Decorate your yard with glass and copper

    Feed natures little jewels with these hummingbird feeders. You’ll have hours of enjoyment watching them eat and play around your cafe hummingbird feeder hanger. It’s such a joy to see these majestic beauties, and listen to them chitter. Fill these discount hummingbird feeders with your favorite nectar recipe to attract hummingbirds. Check out our great bird feeders for sale and other bird accessories to find the perfect hummingbird products for you.It may take about a week or longer for the hummingbirds to start using a new feeder if they have been eating from other feeders in the same area. If they continue to use only the one type of bird feeder design, try changing location of the feeder or to another style from the selections that cafehummingbird can supply you with or take one down for awhile. Other feeding information can be found in Feeding Tips.

    Glass Pinch-Waist Feeder

    Strawberry  Feeder

    Hummingbirds get their energy that they need to maintain their metabolism mainly from the flowers nectar and the sugar water they find at your  hummingbird feeders.  Hummingbirds must eat more than their weight in food everyday, and they do this often by visting the hummingbird feeders. to avoid starvation.

    Cafe hummingbird, can assist you in supplying you with the feeders that will attract and feed natures little jewels known as hummingbirds.

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    Masterclean will donate one feeder for each cleaning order over £120.00, we will dispatch this out to wildlife center across the globe. Complete with food starter kit, and stand please use the code “carpet cleaning London“. Masterclean offer carpet cleaning services world wide, and are open twenty four hours of the day, seven days a week, and are open on any public holiday. For a list of all there branched with address, phone number and associated website. If you like to read my personal blog please visit james frazermann website