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    Feeder Tips

    Hummingbird Feeder Tips

    It may take about a week or longer for the hummingbirds to start using a new feeder if they have been eating from other feeders in the same area. If they continue to use only the one type of feeder, try changing the location of the feeder or take one down for awhile.

    Hummingbirds need flowers and insects along with the nectar in the feeders. Try planting perennials and annual flowers like honeysuckle, salvia, larkspur, lilacs and trumpet vines, petunias and even fuchsias are enjoyed by hummingbirds. Geraniums are great hosts for spider webs which are used in their nest.

    Keep your feeders clean with cleaning brushes. Hummingbirds will not eat from nectar that has fermented. Clean the feeders on a regular bases: every 5 days in cool temperatures and every 2-3 days in hot temperatures with a 1:10 bleach solution and rinse well before refilling. You can also rinse them with vinegar.

    Nectar: 1 part white cane sugar to 4 parts water.To help prevent spoilage of your nectar you can boil for 2 minutes. Cool before refilling the feeders. Any leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator. My Godmothers recipe was 2 cups sugar to 4 cups water. These are only suggestions, if you already have a recipe that works for you then use it.

    Tube feeder tips

    How to stop the dripping? There is no perfect solution for this. Tube feeders will drip occasionally. But to minimize dripping try these suggestions.

    1.Most important- always fill the feeder full. Insert the stopper and turn over quickly to avoid getting air in the feeder. Tube feeders are on a vacuum principle. So fill it full to form a vacuum.

    2.Only hang these feeders in shade to part shade. Try a Hummer Hat or HumBrella Dome.

    3.Keep feeder very clean. DO NOT USE SOAP the residue could cause the feeder to drip. Periodically rinse the feeder with vinegar to thoroughly clean the feeder and rinse with hot water.

    4..Last resort-put the stopper in some very hot water to soften the tube. You can bend the tube slightly to increase the angle. But it might cause the nectar to not come down the tube.

    5.Still dripping? Try another one of our feeders.

    A key tip for attracting hummingbirds, “more feeders, more birds”. In an average yard, try 7-10 feeders spaced apart (and don’t forget to plant flowers or have flower pots) will work best. This helps keep the dominate hummingbird from hoarding the feeders. Consistent feeding year after year will keep generations coming back year after year. To have the hummingbirds use your new feeders is to have them up and in place when the hummingbirds arrive, April-May is a good time to set them out.